Fall in love

Fall in love (pun intended)

You may meet people who fell in love during any and every season, people are getting married every day, but the second most common time to be married is October. The epitome of autumn is October. October is when the weather really becomes crisp, when you want a scarf as warmth and not just a fashion statement. Bundling up with a book a cup of hot tea is a good day, any day. October or Autumn in general is when you usually do not have any choice but to put on a jacket and a pair of boots.

Autumn wedding, courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography

Some people though trade in those warm aspects of their wardrobe for a day and wear a white gown that took hours to pick out, a black suit and bow tie which probably took about 30 minutes to pick out in all seriousness. The colors of fall for weddings are perfect. Orange, yellows, reds. Having leaves falling down and piles of leaves in the back ground of your wedding pictures. I personally am not engaged to be married or even dating anyone, I mean this is a college blog, I am in college still, but when the time comes I hope to get married during this time of year, end of September beginning of October. Perfect time in my eyes.

I am in school to become an Event Planner so I cannot wait to plan these types of weddings also, not just plan mine. With all of the gorgeous colors and scenery’s.

Photo courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography.

Many people talk about this time of year, enjoy this time of year. Some even post them on other blogs. Go check out this blog to see exactly what an autumn/fall wedding can look like. Also to learn about why fall/October is the second biggest time to get married or to fall in love click here. Maybe you will think about this when you are planning your wedding whether it is next month, next year or 5 years down the road, which is probably where I will be.

Tell me about your wedding, or if you are like me then your ideas for a wedding. When would you like to be married or when were you married?

The photos are courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography.


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