Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions, we all have them from the people I have known throughout my life. Whether it be singing Christmas carols for Christmas or always going to the Grandmothers house for Thanksgiving no matter what, it is a tradition. My favorite tradition in my house is every year since I can remember on Christmas eve my parents give me, my brother and my sister all pajamas as well as a pair for the two of them. As we have gotten older they have even gotten some for our significant others on the holiday. It is something that I look forward to getting every year and I mean come on what college kid can’t use more clothes, especially pajamas?

For the kids that still believe in the magic of Christmas then putting cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer is a must. I asked my roommate what a family tradition of hers for the holidays was and it is having a Christmas eve party every year with her family and her Grandmother makes pajamas for all the grand kids and they change there for the Grandmother to see.


The musical my family watches every year.

Some people bake the same things every year with their family. I talked about what I love to bake every year in my last post. Check it out here. Some people decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve every year. They may eat a ham instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving. My family every year on Thanksgiving night after we are all full and sit down to have our first glass of eggnog of the season and try to stuff more into our stomachs with desert, we watch Scrooge. For those who do not know what Scrooge is, well it is A Christmas Story by Charles Dickensbut instead of the usual play it is a musical. Click Here to learn more. This movie also gives my father official permission to listen to Christmas musical freely and no one can complain.

For some I know the day after Thanksgiving, other than being black Friday, it is also the day that they get their Christmas tree or put up their fake one.

What is your holiday tradition? Tell me in the comments below.


Who doesn’t love Pie? Apple, peach, blueberry, custard, pecan, pumpkin, they all sound so good. A lot of people bake pies around this time of the year, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is starting to get nippy out. A lot of blog posts are dedicated to this some subject of pies. And times like these I am just like everyone else.

I have found two blog posts that are dedicated to the thing that I cannot wait to eat this season, pies. Click here for one that is strictly all about apple pies and here for apple cranberry ginger pie. Both sound amazing.

I think my favorite pie around this season is my mom’s apple crumb pie. It is filled with crunch, soft, sweet Macintosh apples and a crumb top that when you take it out of the oven it is crispy and crunchy and yummy.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

These blogs both have apple in the pies that they discuss. One is strictly apple while the other has cranberry and ginger mixed in, doesn’t that sound delicious? The straight apple pie is a mini pie recipe. They are simple and elegant and I wish I could eat them right off the screen they look so good. There are only 9 recipes for this recipe, how easy could that be? They cook for about 30-40 minutes then you can eat the delicious mini apple pies right up.

The other post has a pie that I would have never thought mixing the ingredients. Apple, cranberry, ginger. It seems like a very fall pie to me, I mean apples AND cranberry’s, if that doesn’t scream fall I do not know what does. This recipe had 14 ingredients which is more than the other, but I bet it is quite worth it. These pies also only have to bake for 20-30 minutes which means the faster you can eat them!

The amount of pies I make a year or at least the time that I am home from college is a little insane. I bake in general but there is just something about a pie. I especially love the nights my mom makes spaghetti and a home-made sauce and then a warm pie for dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Go check out the full recipes of those pies and tell me what you thought about them.

Everyone has a favorite pie, what is yours?

Comment below to tell me!

Halloween Cookies!

photo 3

The cat halloween cookies I made

When you think of Halloween you probably think of dressing up in costumes, or going to a haunted house. Well when I think of Halloween I think of those things, I do, but before them I think of baking my favorite Halloween cookies. These cookies I am speaking of are made from the company Pillsbury and they make them for most major holidays, even the not so major like Valentine’s day. The ones with pictures on them? They can either have hearts or Christmas trees or for Halloween they have black cats, pumpkins and ghosts on them. Still don’t know what I am talking about? Well I will show you.
Now you know! I made these for my friends at school. They all loved them.

But what if you did not like cookies; you are more of a cup cake person. Well, I found this site that has some pretty awesome Candy Corn cupcakes that you can make. They look delicious. So you should just Click Here to check them out. And post down there what you think about them.

These cookies are probably the easiest thing to make and I bet most people will be happy to take them off your hands. I bought mine at the grocery store by my school. Make sure you look around for them because I passed by them the first couple times I went to look for them.

You will need:

  • Pillsbury cookies (your choice of picture or get all three!)
  • A cookie sheet
  • Spatula
  • Oven (usually heated to 375*)
  • Oven Mitt
  • Enjoy!

When I am home from school I always bake something for my friends for holidays, but since I am at school and do not have the time to do the whole baking thing or patience. So, instead I do this for them. It is my own little tradition when I am away from home.

What is some of your Halloween traditions? Tell me about them below.

Check out these other pictures from my baking time!

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