Winter Break

This week officially starts my week of finals. I have a lot of papers to write, projects to finish and tests to study for, along with trying to keep up with my last week of work before I go home. This semester has gone by faster than the other two I have been in combined. When they say that college goes by faster than High School they are not joking. I feel like I just moved back into school a month ago and it is already cold and snowing and time for me to head back home for a month away from school.

A month is not that bad, a month is really nothing. I will go home and not have to worry about anything except working at home and seeing my friends. No classes to worry about or finals or papers for another couple weeks that I cannot wait for. But for a month I will not see my friends from school, I will not have a room across the hall from my best friends or across the street from my job. I love my bosses and I will miss them for a month.

During winter break I will be up on the slops at the mountain in my town snowboarding with my friends who attend different colleges and swapping presents during the season. Attending parties for Christmas and New Years with these people and my family.

Winter break for me is all about spending time with the friends I never get to see and my family. Enjoying the time I have until I have to venture back to school and get my butt back in gear to working. I cannot wait for the snow though and to see everyone I want to see.

What do you do during your winter break? Tell me in the comments below. And goodbye for now as this will be my last post for a while, at least until I get back from break. Have a great break ya’ll!



If you are in college, graduated, will soon be, or have been there for even just a semester, you have experienced, or will experience college finals. The time of the year where if you have a test, you cram to try to know everything that you should already know or if you have to write a paper, it is usually long or it is about something that has had to do with the class you are in.

I am an English major, which makes it that the majority of my classes have an essay as our final. For only one of my classes I got the final paper not too long ago, all the rest I have had since close to the end of September early October. I have had the prompt to write my final essay for months. Did I write it? No, I was lazy and will always wait till it MUST be done.

I, as well as my friends have already gotten stressed out already and finals do not start for another week. If you are a student that is about to start finals for are starting college soon and will experience finals another semester, keep these helpful hints for a stress free finals week.

  1. Exercise – This is a great way to let out your frustrations or what in your head is stressing you out. You can put it all out on the table and hit as many things as you want. If you do not have time for the gym, do some exercises in your room, watching a Netflix workout video is also good. If none of these interest you then you can also try Yoga.
  2. Make a schedule/list – You may be someone who cannot stick to a list, or the opposite where unless you have a list nothing gets done. Well during finals it is a very good idea to have. If you write down every.single.thing that you need to do, you are less likely to forget something important.
  3. “Save early, save often” – Those are the wise words of my TV Production teacher in high school. Because believe me, the one time you do not save will be the time that your computer crashes and your whole essay is gone.
  4. “You” Time – as much as you need to get everything done during this week, you will be even more stressed out if you do not leave time for you. Catch up on a TV episode that you missed or a movie you have wanted to watch. Go out with your friends so you all can have you time, but not talking about finals or school!
  5. Eat. – You probably hear it ten thousand times a week, eat breakfast. It does worse things to you if you don’t. If you are hungry you are less productive and will not be able to focus as well.
  6. No Distractions – If you need to study, then sit and study. Shut off your phone. No TV, No music, unless that helps you study. No people around.
  7. And Finally, Sleep – You do better if you can sleep. Your brain needs sleep to comprehend information better. So staying up all night does you no good. If you need too naps are a great thing too.

Finals week is hard and if you have experienced it before you know what I am talking about. But just do your best. It is a big deal but not so much to lose your head over it.

Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions, we all have them from the people I have known throughout my life. Whether it be singing Christmas carols for Christmas or always going to the Grandmothers house for Thanksgiving no matter what, it is a tradition. My favorite tradition in my house is every year since I can remember on Christmas eve my parents give me, my brother and my sister all pajamas as well as a pair for the two of them. As we have gotten older they have even gotten some for our significant others on the holiday. It is something that I look forward to getting every year and I mean come on what college kid can’t use more clothes, especially pajamas?

For the kids that still believe in the magic of Christmas then putting cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer is a must. I asked my roommate what a family tradition of hers for the holidays was and it is having a Christmas eve party every year with her family and her Grandmother makes pajamas for all the grand kids and they change there for the Grandmother to see.


The musical my family watches every year.

Some people bake the same things every year with their family. I talked about what I love to bake every year in my last post. Check it out here. Some people decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve every year. They may eat a ham instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving. My family every year on Thanksgiving night after we are all full and sit down to have our first glass of eggnog of the season and try to stuff more into our stomachs with desert, we watch Scrooge. For those who do not know what Scrooge is, well it is A Christmas Story by Charles Dickensbut instead of the usual play it is a musical. Click Here to learn more. This movie also gives my father official permission to listen to Christmas musical freely and no one can complain.

For some I know the day after Thanksgiving, other than being black Friday, it is also the day that they get their Christmas tree or put up their fake one.

What is your holiday tradition? Tell me in the comments below.


Who doesn’t love Pie? Apple, peach, blueberry, custard, pecan, pumpkin, they all sound so good. A lot of people bake pies around this time of the year, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is starting to get nippy out. A lot of blog posts are dedicated to this some subject of pies. And times like these I am just like everyone else.

I have found two blog posts that are dedicated to the thing that I cannot wait to eat this season, pies. Click here for one that is strictly all about apple pies and here for apple cranberry ginger pie. Both sound amazing.

I think my favorite pie around this season is my mom’s apple crumb pie. It is filled with crunch, soft, sweet Macintosh apples and a crumb top that when you take it out of the oven it is crispy and crunchy and yummy.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

These blogs both have apple in the pies that they discuss. One is strictly apple while the other has cranberry and ginger mixed in, doesn’t that sound delicious? The straight apple pie is a mini pie recipe. They are simple and elegant and I wish I could eat them right off the screen they look so good. There are only 9 recipes for this recipe, how easy could that be? They cook for about 30-40 minutes then you can eat the delicious mini apple pies right up.

The other post has a pie that I would have never thought mixing the ingredients. Apple, cranberry, ginger. It seems like a very fall pie to me, I mean apples AND cranberry’s, if that doesn’t scream fall I do not know what does. This recipe had 14 ingredients which is more than the other, but I bet it is quite worth it. These pies also only have to bake for 20-30 minutes which means the faster you can eat them!

The amount of pies I make a year or at least the time that I am home from college is a little insane. I bake in general but there is just something about a pie. I especially love the nights my mom makes spaghetti and a home-made sauce and then a warm pie for dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Go check out the full recipes of those pies and tell me what you thought about them.

Everyone has a favorite pie, what is yours?

Comment below to tell me!

Meet me at the Equinox

ImageWe all want the next season to come once one is just hardly started. I am just like everyone else, wanting summer once it is spring and autumn once it is summer. Not too long ago marked the first day of my favorite season that I never wish away, autumn. Along came with it, the Autumn Equinox.

Learning new facts about something is always a good thing. And even as much as I love autumn, or as some call it Fall, I can still find out new information about autumn, or the Autumn Equinox. As I found here.

The autumn equinox falls roughly on the same day most years, like this year the 22nd or some years the 23rd depending on the position of the sun. One year it did fall on the 24th because the calendar we use does not match completely up with the orbit of the sun. This will not happen again till 2303. How amazing that we can know something 300 years in advance.

One of my favorite things about fall, other than it being sweater weather, is the changing of leaves. Raking the leaves and jumping into the piles. The gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows brighten up the day. But have you ever wondered why they change colors? The reason leaves change color is because the cold weather makes them stop producing chlorophyll, as this stops being produces it changes to the other pigments of the leaves. With global warming this could soon end.

What about that bright moon that we see every year around this time around the Autumn Equinox? The Harvest Moon it is called. It can come any time from 2 weeks before the Equinox to 2 weeks after. This year it happens to have happened on the nights of September 18-19th and 19-20th. You can read more about the Harvest moon here. Autumn is not the only season with its own moon though, every season has one.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?