Making Caramel Apples!

One of my favorite childhood memories to do during the fall time is making caramel apples with my family. OH who am I kidding, it is still possibly my favorite thing to do and I am almost 20, but instead of doing it with my family I do it with my friends at college in our dorm rooms.


Me making the caramel apples in a dorm room.

I like to make things for every holiday I am at school for and this year for Halloween I decided to make caramel apples. I did not get to go pick my own apples at an orchard this year, which may be even more of my favorite thing to do than making the caramel apples themselves. But making them was still an interesting experience because I had no oven so I had to use a microwave to heat up the caramel. The apples became soggy at some spots because they were scorched with the way too hot caramel because I did not have a thermometer to figure out the heat of the caramel. If you do not care for caramel which I know plenty of people do not, try doing candy apples. You can get those kits at a grocery store as I did everything in the list below.

To make Caramel Apples You Need:

  • Granny Smith Apples (they work the best in my opinion when making candy or caramel apples, but if you choose Macintosh will work too)
  • Caramel (You can either use the sheets of caramel which I used for some, a tub of caramel that is already soft and ready to use or you can get the caramel cubes and mix them on a stove and melt them that way.)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • A microwave or oven
  • Toppings (Sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut, etc.)
  • Imagination(:

My failed attempt at one of the caramel apples.

I gave these way to many of my friends and that made me happy to make people happy. Being at college you do not always get to get things like caramel apples, or get to do things like go apple picking, but I used to do these things when I was home for holidays so I figured when I got to college I would carry on the tradition within myself and give things to the people I care about.

Caramel apples are probably one of the easiest things to do and do not cost a lot. For all that I bought (which made about 25 apples) it only cost me about 15 dollars. I think even for a college student that is doable.

So during this Columbus Day weekend if you are stuck at school (like me) or home with your family, have fun and make some Caramel apples for an easy fall snack. And you can bring leftovers to your friends at school!

Have you tried making caramel apples? Would you? Tell me in the comments below and show me some pictures!