If you are in college, graduated, will soon be, or have been there for even just a semester, you have experienced, or will experience college finals. The time of the year where if you have a test, you cram to try to know everything that you should already know or if you have to write a paper, it is usually long or it is about something that has had to do with the class you are in.

I am an English major, which makes it that the majority of my classes have an essay as our final. For only one of my classes I got the final paper not too long ago, all the rest I have had since close to the end of September early October. I have had the prompt to write my final essay for months. Did I write it? No, I was lazy and will always wait till it MUST be done.

I, as well as my friends have already gotten stressed out already and finals do not start for another week. If you are a student that is about to start finals for are starting college soon and will experience finals another semester, keep these helpful hints for a stress free finals week.

  1. Exercise – This is a great way to let out your frustrations or what in your head is stressing you out. You can put it all out on the table and hit as many things as you want. If you do not have time for the gym, do some exercises in your room, watching a Netflix workout video is also good. If none of these interest you then you can also try Yoga.
  2. Make a schedule/list – You may be someone who cannot stick to a list, or the opposite where unless you have a list nothing gets done. Well during finals it is a very good idea to have. If you write down every.single.thing that you need to do, you are less likely to forget something important.
  3. “Save early, save often” – Those are the wise words of my TV Production teacher in high school. Because believe me, the one time you do not save will be the time that your computer crashes and your whole essay is gone.
  4. “You” Time – as much as you need to get everything done during this week, you will be even more stressed out if you do not leave time for you. Catch up on a TV episode that you missed or a movie you have wanted to watch. Go out with your friends so you all can have you time, but not talking about finals or school!
  5. Eat. – You probably hear it ten thousand times a week, eat breakfast. It does worse things to you if you don’t. If you are hungry you are less productive and will not be able to focus as well.
  6. No Distractions – If you need to study, then sit and study. Shut off your phone. No TV, No music, unless that helps you study. No people around.
  7. And Finally, Sleep – You do better if you can sleep. Your brain needs sleep to comprehend information better. So staying up all night does you no good. If you need too naps are a great thing too.

Finals week is hard and if you have experienced it before you know what I am talking about. But just do your best. It is a big deal but not so much to lose your head over it.