As I said, in my very first blog post and as I say on my about page, I love the fall. It is my favorite season. It has always been. But a season I do not have a choice but to love is winter. My birthday is in winter, late winter (March) but still winter. I snowboard and ski, I live in New England, and all of these factors make it very hard to hate the winter.183285_1280_1024 I go to school near a mountain so I can snowboard whenever I very well please which is a great thing. And since it snows a lot, I get class canceled sometimes!

I am the person who loves to just go outside and have a snowball fight, or make a snowman or snow angels and then come inside and drink a nice hot cup of cocoa and warm up and then two hours later I am doing the same thing back outside freezing my butt off.

I love the snow falling; it is so peaceful and makes everything look so pretty and quiet. Everything seems to be at peace. I am a hopeless romantic so having a winter walking scene from a movie is something that I can only hope for in my head. It is a dream to have that scene one day like at the end of The Vow.

The only thing I dislike about the winter time is how cold it is. If I could have it warm and have it snowing at the same time, I would be a happy camper. As Phineas and Ferb said “Swinter” summer and winter mashed together for the best of both world. And yes I know I am in college and just quoted a Disney TV show.

What are your favorite things about the winter time? or do you hate every aspect of it? Let me know below!