About Me!

1384280_10152009711693128_772192704_nHello there, my name is Megan. I love to watch the seasons change. Finding new activities to do each time they do. Or like this year where it should be fall but where I am is still having 85 degree weather.

I do different activities all the time and find new and old to do and experience. I want to share them with you now. The things I talk about will normally be cost efficient things that all you may need is a car to drive you somewhere. I want you to learn things to do when you are bored or your next boring day. I may talk about your next DIY project that you need to do or a place where you can go get scared out of your shoes.

I am 19 years old and a sophomore college student, hoping to become an event planner. I love finding new things to do, with my friends, around my campus and town that is not that expensive, because really who has the money to do things now a day.

But you should follow my blog, and see what I do next! Post a comment and tell me your opinions!

Contact Me!:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FallActivities

E-mail: Mbrown72@student.fitchburgstate.edu

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