Corn Maze


You may enter now.

Something that does not have to do with Halloween necessarily now, Corn Maze. I love to get lost in mazes. I know that is a weird thing to love. But I think it is fun, there is always going to be a way out and you will end up finding it sooner or later.

I like ones where you really have to search for your way out not ones where you turn right, then left, then left again and you have made it to the exit. Make me work for it.

I do not consider this a primary thing to do with Halloween, based on the sole fact that you can do this anytime during the fall. They usually start to open corn mazes early September and close them mid to late November, so it is not just a Halloween thing. Some corn mazes do fun nighttime flash light games in the mazes.

In Haverhill, Ma (I live in Ma) there is a corn maze that people go to during the season. Another in Ipswich, Ma that is closed for the time but reopens at the end of November for Christmas mazes.

Corn mazes can be fun for people of all ages, and usually do not cost more than 10 dollars, so for a college student like me that is an amazing bonus. Have fun with your friends in these, see you can get out first, and make a bet out of it.

Tell me about your experiences with corn mazes, I would love to hear them.


Fall Retreat

2013-10-06 21.30.34

Photo taken by Kyle Daudelin at Camp Woodstock.

This past weekend I embarked on a camp retreat with people who I did not know too well. I came back having new friends and people who I could have never imaged becoming closer to. I went on a retreat with a group at my college called FAB (Fitchburg Activities Board). I had never in my life been on a retreat before and had no idea what to expect. I got there thinking it would all be about games and meeting new people, which is was but so much more. We played bonding games, where we could not get them done if it had not been everyone pitching it and helping. One was a game called “Whale Watching”; basically it is a big C-Saw where we had to manage to get all 15 of us on it without touching the sides to the wet ground. Not as easy as it sounds. It took us about an hour but we got it done and it was because we all worked together, listened to one another and figured out the solution. We all become closer talking and doing activities that made us trust one another. This weekend is something a lot of schools participate in. Different weekends but many do it. If you ever have the chance to go on a retreat with your college, high school, job, or just friends, I say do it. I became very close with people who I had just been acquaintances with just days before and now truly call them my friends. Something very warming of your heart to do in the fall time when everyone is thinking of others.

Would you ever consider going on a retreat with your school or work? Tell me in the comments below.

Photo Taken by Kyle Daudelin