Fall Outfits


One of my fall outfits, cardigan, tank top, boots, leggings, curls.

So wearing shorts, dresses, flip-flops and tank tops is cute and all but that time has come to an end until next year. I think the times where guys and girls look their best is in the fall. There are the cutest outfit ideas, throwing on 5 different items to make one is my favorite thing to do. Boots are in, sweaters, leggings, hats and scarves are all for this time of the year. My friends and I exchange clothes if one of us does have what the other needs to finish off an outfit. This time of year I am into leggings, printed and just plain black, scarves, and cardigans. For the autumn those are my go to essentials for everyday class outfits. Check out Urban Outfitters for awesome scarves. I have gotten a couple from my collection from here.

The holidays for me are always a tough time to figure out what to wear. If you are just going to be with family, as I am, then it is not a huge deal, but let’s say you are going to a significant others house, then you are probably thinking “I must look my best”. One of my favorite places to shop for inexpensive attire is Kohl’s. At this moment you are probably questioning me, but check it out you will be surprises as to what they have at an awesome price. But if you would rather something that no one else would have check out The Rage. They are an online store, but the clothes they have are amazing in my opinion I have bought many a things from them and loved everything. For advice on your relationship when you are picking out that outfit for Thanksgiving Dinner check this out. You will be very happy you did.


My friends and I out for the night.

Dark colors are big during the autumn,like blacks, greens, reds, purples, gold’s. I have dresses that I am not ready to put away so I instead pair them with tights or leggings and heels for a more autumn look that transitions well. You can do the same with shorts, high-waisted with tights and boots is adorable. I am a lover of floral and keep them in my wardrobe during every season.

What are your favorite trends for the fall? What is your go to look when you are running to class or work? Let me know.


Fall in love

Fall in love (pun intended)

You may meet people who fell in love during any and every season, people are getting married every day, but the second most common time to be married is October. The epitome of autumn is October. October is when the weather really becomes crisp, when you want a scarf as warmth and not just a fashion statement. Bundling up with a book a cup of hot tea is a good day, any day. October or Autumn in general is when you usually do not have any choice but to put on a jacket and a pair of boots.

Autumn wedding, courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography

Some people though trade in those warm aspects of their wardrobe for a day and wear a white gown that took hours to pick out, a black suit and bow tie which probably took about 30 minutes to pick out in all seriousness. The colors of fall for weddings are perfect. Orange, yellows, reds. Having leaves falling down and piles of leaves in the back ground of your wedding pictures. I personally am not engaged to be married or even dating anyone, I mean this is a college blog, I am in college still, but when the time comes I hope to get married during this time of year, end of September beginning of October. Perfect time in my eyes.

I am in school to become an Event Planner so I cannot wait to plan these types of weddings also, not just plan mine. With all of the gorgeous colors and scenery’s.

Photo courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography.

Many people talk about this time of year, enjoy this time of year. Some even post them on other blogs. Go check out this blog to see exactly what an autumn/fall wedding can look like. Also to learn about why fall/October is the second biggest time to get married or to fall in love click here. Maybe you will think about this when you are planning your wedding whether it is next month, next year or 5 years down the road, which is probably where I will be.

Tell me about your wedding, or if you are like me then your ideas for a wedding. When would you like to be married or when were you married?

The photos are courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography.


Who doesn’t love Pie? Apple, peach, blueberry, custard, pecan, pumpkin, they all sound so good. A lot of people bake pies around this time of the year, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is starting to get nippy out. A lot of blog posts are dedicated to this some subject of pies. And times like these I am just like everyone else.

I have found two blog posts that are dedicated to the thing that I cannot wait to eat this season, pies. Click here for one that is strictly all about apple pies and here for apple cranberry ginger pie. Both sound amazing.

I think my favorite pie around this season is my mom’s apple crumb pie. It is filled with crunch, soft, sweet Macintosh apples and a crumb top that when you take it out of the oven it is crispy and crunchy and yummy.

Photo taken from http://lovefoodlovefitnesslovelife.wordpress.com/

Photo taken from

These blogs both have apple in the pies that they discuss. One is strictly apple while the other has cranberry and ginger mixed in, doesn’t that sound delicious? The straight apple pie is a mini pie recipe. They are simple and elegant and I wish I could eat them right off the screen they look so good. There are only 9 recipes for this recipe, how easy could that be? They cook for about 30-40 minutes then you can eat the delicious mini apple pies right up.

The other post has a pie that I would have never thought mixing the ingredients. Apple, cranberry, ginger. It seems like a very fall pie to me, I mean apples AND cranberry’s, if that doesn’t scream fall I do not know what does. This recipe had 14 ingredients which is more than the other, but I bet it is quite worth it. These pies also only have to bake for 20-30 minutes which means the faster you can eat them!

The amount of pies I make a year or at least the time that I am home from college is a little insane. I bake in general but there is just something about a pie. I especially love the nights my mom makes spaghetti and a home-made sauce and then a warm pie for dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Go check out the full recipes of those pies and tell me what you thought about them.

Everyone has a favorite pie, what is yours?

Comment below to tell me!

Making Caramel Apples!

One of my favorite childhood memories to do during the fall time is making caramel apples with my family. OH who am I kidding, it is still possibly my favorite thing to do and I am almost 20, but instead of doing it with my family I do it with my friends at college in our dorm rooms.


Me making the caramel apples in a dorm room.

I like to make things for every holiday I am at school for and this year for Halloween I decided to make caramel apples. I did not get to go pick my own apples at an orchard this year, which may be even more of my favorite thing to do than making the caramel apples themselves. But making them was still an interesting experience because I had no oven so I had to use a microwave to heat up the caramel. The apples became soggy at some spots because they were scorched with the way too hot caramel because I did not have a thermometer to figure out the heat of the caramel. If you do not care for caramel which I know plenty of people do not, try doing candy apples. You can get those kits at a grocery store as I did everything in the list below.

To make Caramel Apples You Need:

  • Granny Smith Apples (they work the best in my opinion when making candy or caramel apples, but if you choose Macintosh will work too)
  • Caramel (You can either use the sheets of caramel which I used for some, a tub of caramel that is already soft and ready to use or you can get the caramel cubes and mix them on a stove and melt them that way.)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • A microwave or oven
  • Toppings (Sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut, etc.)
  • Imagination(:

My failed attempt at one of the caramel apples.

I gave these way to many of my friends and that made me happy to make people happy. Being at college you do not always get to get things like caramel apples, or get to do things like go apple picking, but I used to do these things when I was home for holidays so I figured when I got to college I would carry on the tradition within myself and give things to the people I care about.

Caramel apples are probably one of the easiest things to do and do not cost a lot. For all that I bought (which made about 25 apples) it only cost me about 15 dollars. I think even for a college student that is doable.

So during this Columbus Day weekend if you are stuck at school (like me) or home with your family, have fun and make some Caramel apples for an easy fall snack. And you can bring leftovers to your friends at school!

Have you tried making caramel apples? Would you? Tell me in the comments below and show me some pictures!

Meet me at the Equinox

ImageWe all want the next season to come once one is just hardly started. I am just like everyone else, wanting summer once it is spring and autumn once it is summer. Not too long ago marked the first day of my favorite season that I never wish away, autumn. Along came with it, the Autumn Equinox.

Learning new facts about something is always a good thing. And even as much as I love autumn, or as some call it Fall, I can still find out new information about autumn, or the Autumn Equinox. As I found here.

The autumn equinox falls roughly on the same day most years, like this year the 22nd or some years the 23rd depending on the position of the sun. One year it did fall on the 24th because the calendar we use does not match completely up with the orbit of the sun. This will not happen again till 2303. How amazing that we can know something 300 years in advance.

One of my favorite things about fall, other than it being sweater weather, is the changing of leaves. Raking the leaves and jumping into the piles. The gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows brighten up the day. But have you ever wondered why they change colors? The reason leaves change color is because the cold weather makes them stop producing chlorophyll, as this stops being produces it changes to the other pigments of the leaves. With global warming this could soon end.

What about that bright moon that we see every year around this time around the Autumn Equinox? The Harvest Moon it is called. It can come any time from 2 weeks before the Equinox to 2 weeks after. This year it happens to have happened on the nights of September 18-19th and 19-20th. You can read more about the Harvest moon here. Autumn is not the only season with its own moon though, every season has one.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?