Winter Break

This week officially starts my week of finals. I have a lot of papers to write, projects to finish and tests to study for, along with trying to keep up with my last week of work before I go home. This semester has gone by faster than the other two I have been in combined. When they say that college goes by faster than High School they are not joking. I feel like I just moved back into school a month ago and it is already cold and snowing and time for me to head back home for a month away from school.

A month is not that bad, a month is really nothing. I will go home and not have to worry about anything except working at home and seeing my friends. No classes to worry about or finals or papers for another couple weeks that I cannot wait for. But for a month I will not see my friends from school, I will not have a room across the hall from my best friends or across the street from my job. I love my bosses and I will miss them for a month.

During winter break I will be up on the slops at the mountain in my town snowboarding with my friends who attend different colleges and swapping presents during the season. Attending parties for Christmas and New Years with these people and my family.

Winter break for me is all about spending time with the friends I never get to see and my family. Enjoying the time I have until I have to venture back to school and get my butt back in gear to working. I cannot wait for the snow though and to see everyone I want to see.

What do you do during your winter break? Tell me in the comments below. And goodbye for now as this will be my last post for a while, at least until I get back from break. Have a great break ya’ll!


As I said, in my very first blog post and as I say on my about page, I love the fall. It is my favorite season. It has always been. But a season I do not have a choice but to love is winter. My birthday is in winter, late winter (March) but still winter. I snowboard and ski, I live in New England, and all of these factors make it very hard to hate the winter.183285_1280_1024 I go to school near a mountain so I can snowboard whenever I very well please which is a great thing. And since it snows a lot, I get class canceled sometimes!

I am the person who loves to just go outside and have a snowball fight, or make a snowman or snow angels and then come inside and drink a nice hot cup of cocoa and warm up and then two hours later I am doing the same thing back outside freezing my butt off.

I love the snow falling; it is so peaceful and makes everything look so pretty and quiet. Everything seems to be at peace. I am a hopeless romantic so having a winter walking scene from a movie is something that I can only hope for in my head. It is a dream to have that scene one day like at the end of The Vow.

The only thing I dislike about the winter time is how cold it is. If I could have it warm and have it snowing at the same time, I would be a happy camper. As Phineas and Ferb said “Swinter” summer and winter mashed together for the best of both world. And yes I know I am in college and just quoted a Disney TV show.

What are your favorite things about the winter time? or do you hate every aspect of it? Let me know below!