Black Friday

Black Friday. The day that shopping is in full swing. This day is one of the biggest shopping days for America. I do hate to say it, but I was even apart of this shopping day. People everywhere flock to stores in hope of getting the best deals, whetherĀ it is be for them for people that they need to get presents for. You could get an 800 dollar television for 500. That is how great the deals are on this day. Along with Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday, Which is when a lot of smaller business’ have deals so people will buy things from them that day and then there is also Cyber Monday. That day is for all of the deals on-line. Free Shipping usually, 50% off regular price, all of that.

Personally I do not like Black Friday. It is a day for people to become so crazy that some get hurt. Yes, it is the start of the Christmas season but that does not mean that you need to go all out and buy everything in one day.


You were just Thankful the day before for everything you had and now you are going to go out and buy things that you do not need? That is just not right.

You should be thankful for what you have and think about that. I am not saying that there should not be a Black Friday; it just should not be the day AFTER Thanksgiving. People should still be spending time with their family. Now Black Friday has gotten so bad that stores open at 7 or 8 pm the night OF Thanksgiving. In my opinion, you should be spending time with your family at that time. I spend that whole day with my family, eating, drinking, talking, watching movies and being together. That is what Thanksgiving is about.

If you do Black Friday shopping then good for you, like I had said, I did it too, I just did it much later in the day on Friday. I did not rush out the door the night before or the morning of Friday. I took my time and did things before and after to not worry about it. I still went shopping, I still got amazing deals, but I did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to get what I wanted.

What do you think about Black Friday? Your opinions. Let me know below!


Winter Activities

Do you snowboard, or ski? Go tubing or sledding? What’s your favorite “sport” to participate in during the winter? For me I have been snowboarding and skiing since I was in third grade. I stop from time to time but always go back. Right now I am on a snowboarding kick and cannot wait to go this summer. I work at a snow resort so I get to go whenever I like. I am not that great at either of those activities, Skiing or snowboarding but that’s not what matters, having fun is. Just try not to get hurt because believe me I have gotten hurt plenty a time and it is not fun, not at all.

I remember as a kid going tubing and sledding down a hill in my town with the rest of the town during the winter. Then they put a huge telephone pole in the middle and people ultimately started to not go anymore. But that’s what you do as a child unless you learn to ski or snowboard early in life.

I love just going out and playing in the snow with my friends. Having a snowball fight or making a snow angel is one of my favorite things. Making a snow fort that doesn’t fall on top of you is amazing. Then after you are all cold you get to go inside and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and fluff on top and warm back up in a blanket watching a movie. That right there is probably the perfect winter day. Just add friends and or family and you are all set.

I am in college and I still do these things. I still go out and make forts or snow angels. I honestly do not think that will ever change no matter how old I get in life.

What do you like to do during the winter time? Do you like to just stay in with a good book and hot cocoa or coffee? What is your ideal winter day? Tell me in the comments below.

Corn Maze


You may enter now.

Something that does not have to do with Halloween necessarily now, Corn Maze. I love to get lost in mazes. I know that is a weird thing to love. But I think it is fun, there is always going to be a way out and you will end up finding it sooner or later.

I like ones where you really have to search for your way out not ones where you turn right, then left, then left again and you have made it to the exit. Make me work for it.

I do not consider this a primary thing to do with Halloween, based on the sole fact that you can do this anytime during the fall. They usually start to open corn mazes early September and close them mid to late November, so it is not just a Halloween thing. Some corn mazes do fun nighttime flash light games in the mazes.

In Haverhill, Ma (I live in Ma) there is a corn maze that people go to during the season. Another in Ipswich, Ma that is closed for the time but reopens at the end of November for Christmas mazes.

Corn mazes can be fun for people of all ages, and usually do not cost more than 10 dollars, so for a college student like me that is an amazing bonus. Have fun with your friends in these, see you can get out first, and make a bet out of it.

Tell me about your experiences with corn mazes, I would love to hear them.